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SIP Trunk Provider on the Sunshine Coast

Having an effective SIP trunk system at your business helps to reduce costs as well as being far more effective than maintaining a landline service. In the digital era, you don’t want to be worrying whether your business’s phone system is working efficiently and without risk of dropping out, and for this reason landlines simply can’t be trusted. This is how SIP trunks can help your business. Greencomm provides SIP Trunk solutions for business that consolidate their voice and data services, whilst also making use of otherwise unutilised aspects of your data service.

As the Sunshine Coast’s leading provider of SIP trunk solutions, we are able to service businesses in Caboolture, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Noose and beyond.

Why Are SIP Trunks So Good for Businesses?

SIP trunks have become a premium service for businesses due to their efficiency and cost-saving capabilities. First off, due to the lack of hardware that comes with landlines, you will no longer have to worry about hardware problems. Your system will work efficiently without the worry of dropping out or malfunctioning, and you won’t have to bring in a technician every few months or so to fix an ongoing problem.

Second, you won’t have to pay the enormous rates that are attributed to phone lines in businesses. You may not realise, but using a phone line at a business costs a fortune, much more than that of a VoIP solution. Your business will potentially save thousands on ongoing phone costs - it’s a winner all-round!

What makes our solution even better? The ease of installation for new devices. This makes moving and reconnecting your devices a breeze, which used to be a complex task that would require the work of a certified phone technician.

Just give us a call on 07 5322 5646 and we will book your business at a time that is best suited for you.

Managed Cloud Based Services

Greencomm have partnered with DVE Cloud to bring you a premium range of managed cloud services including data, voice, NBN connections and NBN voice. DVE Cloud offer a personalised service, liaising with customers closely to gather and compare existing service information and pricing to build a unique and customised solution for your business needs.

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