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Avoid Power Outages by Installing UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

In an environment where we are exposed to storms resulting in surges and power outages it is important to invest in a solution that will protect your business from the down time this can cause. A disrupted power supply can result in missed business opportunities and loss of sales.


The solution is UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply; a battery back up that provides emergency power in the event of power outage and can protect telephone systems and other critical business equipment.


Greencomm can install a range of UPS solutions to suit your business size and budget. 

Class 3: Standby 

  • For non essential PC’s

  • Switches to the battery when power fails 


Class 2: Line Interactive

  • For non essential comms equipment

  • Adjusts the voltage and smooths out bad harmonics prior to switching to battery


Class 1: On-line Double Conversion 

  • For business critical applications

  • Isolates the main power and consistently supplies clean power to vulnerable equipment

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