• Mobile Client (Android/iOS)

  • Video Conferencing

  • Presence and Instant Messaging

  • Outlook Integration

  • Built-In Voicemail and Auto Attendant

  • Built-in Automatic Call Distribution

  • Mobile Extension

  • Powerful Call Handling Features

  • Embedded SIP

  • Embedded Hotel Features

  • Centralised Control Transport Network (T-NET)




Simple Unified Communications
Use voice, video, instant messaging, conference calls, visual voicemail, all on one simple and easy to use platform. Designed to be intuitive and provide your team easy to use tools and features.

Increase reliability and flexibility with distribution architecture
Total reliability. Complete resilience through geographic redundancy and inherent modular architecture.

Integrated applications tailored to your needs
Offers a range of enhanced applications from Ericsson-LG and other specialist application providers.
Integrates into standard office applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Lync and others.

Leverage the latest standards based technologies
Makes the most of the latest network technologies such as SIP
Optimise call costs using WiFi
Use in-built voice conferencing to save on external conference services.

Scale with your growth
Delivers the flexibility you need as your organisation grows and easily adapts to meet changing needs


Anytime and anywhere connectivity
Access the power of your iPECS UCP your way regardless of your device or location using smartphone, tablet or PC applications


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