Conferencing Solutions


Konftel 300 IP

Wired Conference Phone

The Konftel 300IP is perfect for both cloud-based and traditional IP platforms, giving you everything you need for effective, top-quality distance meetings. Konftel's patented OmniSoundÆ audio technology delivers crystal-clear, natural HD audio.


The built-in bridging function handles five-way calls, which reduces the need for external bridging services. The conference guide makes it easy to call up groups at the touch of a button.

Another popular feature of the Konftel 300IP is recording onto an SD memory card.

Konftel 300 WX

Wireless Conference Phone

Konftel 300Wx allows you to hold meetings wherever is convenient for you ñ without worrying about network and power outlets. The wireless DECT technology is both reliable and secure. Choose a base station to suit your company's telephony environment, SIP or analog, or connect to an installed DECT system.


The rechargeable battery ensures more than 60 call hours, so you can talk for a full work week without recharging!

First-rate audio quality

Give your conference calls the full dynamics they deserve! With HD sound,voices are much more natural than in a conventional phone call. The nuances come through and the entire dialog can flow more smoothly. With expansion microphones, you can have large conference calls with up to 20 people in the room. 



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